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Buying @ Auction

Before the Auction

1. Find an Auction property via Gregory and Main.

2. View the property either in person or online.

3. Go to & create account.

4. Download the auction pack and give it to your solicitor.

5. Make sure you can secure finance if needed.

To Bid

1. Upload verified ID on the ID tab.

2. Upload your card info on the payment tab - You need to do this so you can pay the fees and have the property committed to you as soon as the hammer falls.

3. Make sure your solicitor’s information is uploaded and your solicitor is aware you are aiming to win a property at auction.

4. Make sure the details on your account are correct with names of all buyers added.

During the Auction

• Look at the starting bid and consider your maximum bid.

• When you bid, your bid will automatically be increased by £500 from the starting bid until you hit your maximum . If you are outbid you can bid again with a new maximum.

• You can only bid during the 3 hour auction window.

• Upon winning and auction, fees will be payable & are in addition to the purchase price. We will then be in touch to discuss the next steps.

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